Final Blog Post

FINAL PROJECT: For my final student book I chose to go with a very simple design…surprise…I always choose minimalistic designs. I’m happy with it and the work I’ve included in it. Below are a few of the pieces included in my book for your viewing pleasure:

FINAL THOUGHTS: Through out the Ad Copy and Layout course I experienced a love hate relationship with not only Adobe but with Sunday due dates as well. Who makes due dates on Sundays? But also thank the Lord because I’ve had class and work all week and have a couple more days grace.

Adobe most of the time had me thinking “what the hell” but I ended up realizing I was retaining more than I thought and I actually would say I think I was about one step above terrible at it, whatever step that is…

Blogging about this kind of stuff is a form of relief of the frustrations of the 10 million layers of learning Adobe.

All and all, I feel that much more equipped to go into the work force of advertising. I think of it as at least I won’t feel the way I felt at the beginning of this course learning Adobe, and if asked to work on something in it I feel at least the tiniest bit capable of it! Thanks, Professor Croom.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all,


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